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About Rebeccca

Business / Life Coach

Rebecca’s experience covers the entire commercial real estate sector; however, she focuses on shopping centers and retail leasing. Rebecca also serves as a business, life, and fitness coach. As a business coach Rebecca has a unique gift of being able to tap into the gifts of each person she encounters. It truly helps the team and culture operate at its highest level.


In addition,  Rebecca offers life coaching specializing in helping those who have suffered in abusive relationships.  She is also dedicated to fitness and helping others on their journey to better themselves physically.

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Life Coaching - I work with my clients to act as the launching point for those affected by abuse. Victims of an abusive relationship often feel as though they no longer have a voice as theirs has been muted. 


My specialty is helping you find your voice again and remember who you are. Through that I will teach you how to get your power back and use that power to succeed in your life to be the absolute best version of yourself.

Business Coaching - Women  need encouragement to navigate the business world. As women we often lack confidence in an area that we never should. I aspire to help my clients navigate the business world with confidence and brilliance.

Rebecca Matulonis-BLACK_edited.png


You ever just meet that person that connects with people right away? That’s Rebecca! 

Her amazing operation skills and comfortable approach with people make her an unstoppable force! 


She knows how to get the most out of her team and create a successful outcome for all involved.


-Austin Linney, Construct Your Life Podcast

Rebecca helped me break through certain of my limiting believes in business and as an individual. She supported me during the time I was exclusively focusing on scaling my business. I can say without a doubt that the key ingredient to my success is Rebecca Matulonis.

- Marc Antoine Picard, CEO and Creative director of Stupid Simple Digital Marketing

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